Bureau of the Public Debt

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The Bureau of the Public Debt (BPD) is the U.S. Department of the Treasury agency responsible for the issuance and redemption of Treasury securities, including savings bonds. The Treasury Department established TreasuryHunt.gov to help bond holders locate unredeemed, matured bonds that are no longer earning interest. To increase public awareness of TreasuryHunt.gov, the Bureau of the Public Debt sought a seasoned contractor to produce a promotional three to five minute video for distribution via the Internet.

BPD hoped to drive traffic to TreasuryHunt.gov to encourage bondholders to use the site to locate all unredeemed, matured Series E and Series EE savings bonds. The campaign needed to create public awareness, demonstrate the convenience of TreasuryHunt.gov, and educate consumers about the importance of redeeming their matured bonds, in a creative and engaging video format for online placement.

Sage Communications' creative approach to the video was to satirize a contemporary pop-culture theme that would resonate with the target audience demographic. Our script, Montana Jones and the Raiders of the Forgotten Bonds leveraged a creative and engaging storyline to inform viewers of the benefits and functionality of TresuryHunt.gov.

Partnering with a local production company with high-quality filming and editing capabilities, we brought together our extensive knowledge of government program management, financial product marketing, creative direction and video production to capture the perfect story.

With Raiders of the Forgotten Bonds, the U.S. Department of the Treasury‚Äôs Bureau of the Public Debt realized a compelling and entertaining way to educate citizens about locating unredeemed, matured bonds for cashing or reinvesting to the benefit of the bondholder.

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