Social Media

We believe that social media should be woven into the fabric of brands. Whether building passionate ambassadors, initiating crowdsourcing or cultivating relationships on behalf of executives, we know how to harness the power of social media. Sage has a proven methodology that doesn’t waste time and resources on arbitrary measurements, but designs meaningful online experiences that foster lasting engagement. Today, every brand is a publisher, so we specialize in crafting campaigns and strategies that create real differentiation and drive action. Most importantly, we know how to break down barriers and silos and position our clients in even the most exclusive influencer circles. 


At Sage, we do digital differently. Unlike most agencies, we don’t just focus on delivery or strategy while ignoring implementation, user-experience and functionality. Our mission is simple: create world-class creative that works! That’s why we back up every idea with hard-core data for solutions that make a measurable difference. Being a leading provider of digital services ensures that our digital methodology is grounded in reality. Drawing on real world experience, we design and deliver digital content for maximum impact to enlighten, edify and engage.


No event is too large or small for our team. We deliver flawlessly executed, polished events, regardless of budget, timing, location or scope. We’re a one-stop for full-service event planning, execution and management for corporate and cultural events, conferences and trade shows, roadshows and seminars, receptions and galas, annual meetings and incentive travel, as well as experiential events such as street teams and public happenings. We believe that anything is possible... and you can’t get what you don’t ask for. 

Content Marketing

Sage boldly goes beyond the established world of traditional marketing to reach audiences in new and different ways. The content we create is valuable and relevant, capturing attention to drive engagement and action. We deliver what your audience needs to know. We offer creative production in all media and applications, including original illustration and layout. We develop original content from social marketing appeals and business communications like brochures and success stories, to technical content like business cases and white papers. Our team places advertising in all media and applications including consumer and trade print, broadcast, out-of-home and digital. Sage produces sales support collateral including presentations, training and exhibit materials, as well as direct marketing tools from outbound telemarketing and classic mail packages to social-driven engagement campaigns and customer retention tools. 


We think of "creative" as more of an attribute than a specific department. Today’s creative services professionals have to be more than just writers and designers—they have to be strategists, marketers, product developers and a lot more. Our creative team is the best of this new breed, bringing intelligence, understanding, experience, curiosity and discipline to the art of marketing so that we can deliver creative that performs… beautifully.

Public Relations

We don’t approach PR through the limiting lens of media hits secured or press releases sent. Instead, we create inflection points for our clients, translating their media exposure and market awareness into organizational traction and reputational gains. Our approach is integrated and comprehensive, encompassing all aspects of persuasive engagement: executive communications training and crisis planning; editorial/analyst outreach and editorial calendar management; thought leadership and market education; press tours, speaking opportunities and interviews; content development; investor outreach and corporate social responsibility campaigns.

We ensure our clients are joining the conversations that drive their industries, amplifying their voices and making them heard where it matters most. 


Where an advertisement is placed can say as much about a client as the ad’s message itself. Sage Communication’s media department ensures clients’ advertisements reach the right audience through the right medium. We’re strongly established in the traditional world of broadcast, print and out of home, and we also assist clients in making the transition to ever-evolving new media. Drawing on our research and experience, we guide the way through digital media options from search engine marketing to video, rich media ads, mobile advertising, social media and more. Sage’s integrated marketing team creates cohesive media plans that incorporate marketing, messaging and creative strategies to ensure maximum engagement with targeted audiences, and ultimately the best return on investment.

Branding & Messaging

Building a high-value brand takes more than mere promotion. Sage Communications can help manage brands at every step. We give critical insight into how people see clients’ brands and find paths to the positions they want. We assess progress along the way and protect brands from attack. We develop multi-level brand platforms that support corporate parent and strategic business units, product and service lines, verticals and personas, even targeted regions and cultures.

Sage crafts verbal and visual messages that resonate emotionally with key stakeholders, and ensure conformance through brand systems even non-marketers can use with confidence. We provide periodic checks on brand health, so clients stay in tune with shifting market preferences and are never caught off guard. 

Strategy & Market Research

Marketing leaders are tasked with making the right moves and moving markets. Deciding what direction to go in, what message to deliver, what audiences to engage with, where and when – all takes insight into market structures, players and the key factors that drive decisions. Sage Communications can accelerate clients’ progress with strategic services that support their entire marketing lifecycle – conducting research into markets, competitors, buyers, opportunities, partners, influencers and talent. We help develop plans that provide for the unknowns that come with changes like market entry or product launches, as well as ongoing tactical execution. We craft media strategies that put messages in the right place at the right time, managing the entire strategic process as a service, so clients’ teams can focus on day-to-day delivery.