Social Media

Connect One-On-One with Your Customer

For years, the strategy was simply to tell your customers what you want them to know. Now, with endless social media possibilities, just telling them isn't good enough — you need to be able to listen and interact. By taking advantage of social media, Sage can take your traditional and online advertising a huge step further. We give your customers a voice, a way to talk with you and everyone else. Best of all, we give you a way to measure it.

Sage’s mission is to create communications that go beyond the awareness and preference created through advertising—taking your target audiences to the next critical step: action. Sage helps you find and develop the right social media channels to frequently interact with your customers and to keep your communication relevant.

Social Media Services:

  • Blog Design and Support
  • LinkedIn Strategy
  • Facebook Presence
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Influencers and Reputation Management
  • Social Media Content Development & Management
  • Social Media Public Relations
  • Social Media Sales and Leads Development