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The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) developed the Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool (INVEST), a web-based self-evaluation tool designed to help transportation agencies integrate sustainability into their programs, policies, processes, procedures, practices and projects. After the considerable research-based, field-tested and analytically refined development of INVEST, FHWA needed to launch the tool in the most effective, low-cost way possible.

FHWA’s primary goal in launching INVEST was to communicate the benefits of the tool to the target audience and encourage them to incorporate it into their planning process, overcoming potential negative perceptions of the tool as an unnecessary, time-consuming step.

Sage developed a master launch plan that identified task assignments, deadlines, logistical elements, technology needs, support materials and a production schedule. We conducted a messaging session with stakeholders and potential users across the country that revealed the tool’s strengths, as well as possible barriers to widespread implementation. Following the session, Sage developed a messaging framework to serve as the foundational guide for all communication. The framework included INVEST’s brand character, three primary headlines, proof points for each headline, areas for thought leadership and detailed instructions for use.

Sage organized a launch event, using a webinar to introduce INVEST to the target audience. The event required the development of promotional materials including several videos, all developed by Sage. The launch event was a tremendous success, attended by 50 onsite FHWA staff and 720 attendees from across the country.

Following the launch event, Sage continued to work with FHWA to boost awareness and increase use of INVEST. To help planners across the country get started using INVEST, Sage designed a user tool kit, including a PowerPoint, brochure, user guide and videos.


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