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Branding & Messaging

Merkle Response Management Group (RMG), one of the nation’s largest full-service direct response processing and fulfillment companies, works with non-profits, government agencies and for-profit companies to process incoming mail, make deposits, capture data and respond to their donors, constituents and customers. Sage was tasked with building an integrated marketing program from the ground up to drive qualified leads and persuade prospects to visit the facility. Important objectives included:

  • Positioning the company favorably against competitors in the market
  • Accurately conveying the full breadth of services
  • Differentiating RMG’s offering from that of its well-known parent (Merkle, Inc.)
  • Upgrading the company image to more accurately reflect its sophisticated solutions
  • Overcoming prospect reluctance to travel to Hagerstown, MD

Sage started by touring the facility in Hagerstown and engaging the client in a messaging workshop. We developed a messaging roadmap to define the core audiences, benefits, differentiators and proof points that would provide the foundation for the integrated outreach program. A key take-away from this interaction was the importance of reflecting the culture of the organization—people buy from people they like and trust—and RMG workforce members are dedicated, engaging and honest. We focused our efforts on non-profits, as this segment represented the biggest area of opportunity for the client.

Sage then moved to establish a new look and feel for RMG that, while respecting the Merkle, Inc. brand, set RMG apart as a unique entity. Next, we deployed the brand within the context of a new microsite—consistent with site architecture—but operating as with its own content and tone. At the same time, we developed case studies for each of the target markets to populate the site and use as sales collateral. With the foundation firmly in place, Sage began the true outreach program with a highly-targeted direct response pilot program, online advertising and a social media campaign. We also produced a short video teaser tour of the operation designed to generate interest in taking an on-site tour of Merkle’s impressive facility.

The direct response program pilot produced one face-to-face meeting from just the first 20 letters mailed. The social media program continues to drive conversations in three key areas of influence: non-profit, fundraising and philanthropy. Merkle has expanded its relationship with Sage to include a full public relations program to build awareness and thought leadership.

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