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Architect of the Capitol

Delivering a Brand Facelift to an Organization Whose Job is Refurbishing

The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is responsible for maintaining, operating, developing, and preserving the United States Capitol complex. It is dedicated to providing Congress and the public with the professional expertise and services required to preserve and enhance the Capitol buildings and grounds and related facilities in a sustainable manner for future generations.

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The AOC is an innovative and efficient team of more than 2,600 employees committed to excellent customer service while preserving, maintaining, and enhancing the national treasures in its care. However, the organization had no vehicle to showcase its great work, therefore Sage/JDG spearheaded the development of a quarterly publication that would capture news but maintain the brand message yet create awareness of the AOC among stakeholders and Congress.

Our Process:

The Sage team worked closely with the Architect of the Capitol OCER to create a 20-page, full–color, quarterly news publication. We kicked off the project by meeting with the OCER team to confirm messaging and specifications for the publication.

The Sage design team presented two initial design concepts for the first edition of the newsmagazine and two rounds of revisions to reach the final approved layout. To present a strong, consistent brand, the Sage team established graphic standards for the newsmagazine, including colors, fonts, and images, and featured the Architect of the Capitol logo on both the front and back covers. We proposed a clean, sophisticated approach to present content clearly, and relied on professional photographs of real AOC staff at work to represent diversity and a balance of all AOC jurisdictions. The format was designed to support the OCER objectives by highlighting AOC employees’ accomplishments and increasing the visibility of the organization among its internal and external audiences.

We prepared publication files to be electronically distributed and professionally printed and bound on a paper stock that includes recycled content and coated to achieve a modern magazine appeal. After producing the first edition of the AOC newsmagazine, we created a 508-compliant PDF and helped the AOC to feature the newsmagazine on its website. Our team continues to provide creative services for quarterly issues of the publication.


The AOC quarterly newsmagazine created by the Sage team became a flagship publication communicating the AOC’s mission. In the first two months after posting the publication online, the magazine received more than 3,500 visitors. The publication also helped to build morale by showcasing the work of AOC staff while better informing members of Congress and stakeholders. Managers and employees of all the jurisdictions are eager to be featured in upcoming issues of the publication and numerous employees have requested reprints, an unprecedented response to an AOC employee publication. We have also produced a video for the AOC.


AOC staff recognized the first edition of the newsmagazine as a major improvement in internal communications, and the publication received positive feedback, such as, “first class and nice to see the day-to-day workforce that we all depend upon and trust celebrated,” and “the most professional communication the AOC has ever done.”

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