Numerous Experts.
Zero Ramp-Up.


Sage was built for organizations like yours. We focus on your lifecycle needs, operating culture, and goals — measured by our contribution to your value. We're built around intentionally selected industry practices. Our teams include folks who've held client-side responsibility for producing big organizational shifts. We can hit the ground running from day one, and produce meaningful contributions in weeks. 

We do our work in one location, so our team can move at the speed of change. Our team works as an extension of your team to coordinate every facet of your program, so you can focus on your core business. This client-first, value-centric perspective is why we're one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest integrated communications firms — and the leading authority in all of our practice areas.

Our Principals


Larry Rosenfeld


David Gorodetski

Co-Founder, COO, and
Executive Creative Director

Julie Murphy

Partner and
Senior Vice-President


Our leaders


Lou Anne Brossman

President, Government Marketing

Susan Milich

Senior Vice-President, Government Services

Duyen Truong

Vice-President PR

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 1.26.07 PM.png

Ron Lichtinger

Vice-President, Technology Marketing


Our Companies


Sage is integrated across our solution brands. Whether you engage with our Brotman Winter Fried (BWF) team for experiential solutions, our Virtual Marketing team for end-to-end government marketing solutions, or came to us through our Johnson Design Group social-marketing or Longbottom satellite-marketing practices, you benefit from our universal program methodology and cross-functional access to all of our strategic and tactical disciplines.


Sage Culture

passion for
what matters.

Everything we do at Sage emphasizes substance over surface. We start our programs with a deep strategic dive to find out what really drives decisions. We strip away buzzwords and cliches to make sure our core ideas cut through. We develop grounded campaigns around tangible personas, and relentlessly measure their real-world results. We express ourselves openly and with empathy for our people and partners. And we empower every Sager to do the right thing by our clients, whatever the need or whenever the moment.