Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)

Situation / Challenge

OPIC is a self-sustaining U.S. government agency that helps American businesses invest in emerging markets around the world. Established in 1971, OPIC provides businesses with the tools to manage the risks associated with foreign direct investment, foster economic development in emerging market countries, and advances U.S. foreign policy and national security priorities.

A recent initiative aimed to highlight and elevate the global economic impact of OPIC’s foreign direct investment within three developing regions, specifically, Quito, Ecuador; West Bank, Palestine; and Tanzania, Zambia.

Our Strategic Approach

After conducting user-focused research, Sage conceptualized, custom-designed, developed and launched the OPIC Stories microsite to convey these stories in a powerful way. In a photo-journalistic style, the microsite highlighted the economic impact and success of each project, using impactful photos and compelling content to showcase each region before and after OPIC’s investment.

OPIC Stories was built from the ground up using the mobile-first methodology. Sage employed this strategy so that each building block is created for a consistent, quality user experience across devices. By designing for all platforms, Sage built the site uniformly so all components would work together to tell a cohesive story. We also prioritized clean design and simple navigation to support ease of use and to keep stories front and center.


The site is now accessible through the OPIC.gov homepage. It has been featured in international trade magazines highlighting impact of the OPIC investments, as well as its impressive design. In the end, Sage was able to capture the untold stories of meaningful investments made by OPIC and brought them to life through meaningful design and strategy.

Sage’s microsite on behalf of OPIC subsequently won the Gold Award in the Electronic Media / Social Media / Interactive Media category at the 2018 Hermes Creative Awards.