Situation / Challenge

Brocade Communications Systems, the leader in network modernization enterprise solutions, was virtually unknown in the federal technology space. The market, although a priority for the company, was almost entirely dominated by one leading player known for controlling a monopoly-style market share through its proprietary standards. Brocade was ready to challenge the status quo and change the conversation about the government network.

Our Strategic Approach

To accomplish this goal, Sage developed an aggressive program designed to position Brocade as a challenger to the status quo in government IT and the authority on advanced approaches to network modernization. Sage used a variety of PR tools to drive momentum: a series of unique media outreach angles, strategically timed announcements, media tours, and targeted social media engagement.


Thanks to Sage’s efforts, Brocade has claimed its stake in the federal market, now boasting a 33 percent share-of-voice across network-related conversations in the federal media. The company achieved more than 17M media impressions in the first and second quarters of 2014 alone, and key executives have been recognized as top thought leaders in the government technology space.