Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District


Sage conducted a deep dive into the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District (BID), including its competing property markets, key residential, commercial, and retail stakeholder groups. Using these insights, we reduced Capitol Riverfront’s major attributes to eight simple terms. We then brought these together in a universal brand message backed by a common tagline – DC Amplified. Life Simplified – and supporting messaging that targets each major neighborhood audience. We created a brand manual to help guide that usage by all of the BID’s members and partners. And we conducted small-group training sessions among BID members so they could rehearse this usage, ask questions about specific applications, and brainstorm answers in a supportive environment.

At the same time, we developed and executed a comprehensive outreach plan that included:

  • Paid media like transit ads, digital news sites, and social networks;
  • Event support like sponsorships, signage, and premiums; and
  • Collateral support like infographics and an annual neighborhood brochure.

The new branding is now visible across the entire neighborhood, from lightpole standards to recycling stations, on developer signage, and inside every DC Circulator bus. Elements have also made their way into District Government messaging, broadcast news coverage, and the community’s music / arts festivals and major-league sporting events.