Dell Software


Dell purchased Quest Software in October 2012. Quest offered products that develop, manage, monitor and protect packaged and custom software applications, as well as associated software infrastructures components such as databases, application servers, operating systems and hypervisors. At the time, Dell was integrating nine software companies to build its new solutions portfolio and quickly gain share against its mighty competition. One of the most saturated and fragmented markets that offered a high potential for return and advantageous positioning was the security vertical. In order to start driving awareness and recognition for Dell’s newly acquired capabilities, the company needed a differentiated, focused and compelling go-to-market strategy. Sage worked with Dell Software to take the lead in shaping and marketing Dell’s new Connected Security capability. 

At the onset of the program, Sage set the aggressive goal not only to drive awareness of Dell’s world-class enterprise security portfolio, but also to build meaningful differentiation of the company as the preferred end-to-end solutions provider for government agencies. Sage spearheaded the strategy and execution of Dell’s multi-phased public sector cybersecurity positioning program, incorporating elements such as a global research survey, media pitches and content announcements, C-level media outreach, contributed articles, blogs and other social media. As a result, Dell was able to increase awareness for the company’s end-to-end cybersecurity solutions with more than 80 unique articles and over 54M impressions.