Dell Software


Sage began support for Dell EMC Federal’s SVP Steve Harris in late 2015, quickly increasing his presence in the federal media and boosting awareness of key messages around flipping the 80/20 maintenance spending equation and maximizing the impact of initiatives like FITARA. In mid-2016 the Dell corporate team launched a state of IT trends survey, and the Dell and Sage teams identified an opportunity to include a federal voice as a part of the research and extend these messages. While survey results covered a wide range of topics, all together they created a confusing storyline, which ultimately had the potential to overwhelm reporters or lead to a series of stories that lacked a united message.


Sage saw an opportunity to use the survey differently from the corporate team and create unique storylines that would maximize the value of the research and highlight different elements of Dell’s federal message. Sage also intended to use the survey as an opportunity to introduce Dell EMC Federal CTO Cameron Chehreh to the federal media, extending the bench of Dell spokespeople for future outreach.

Our Strategy

Sage developed a strategy that broke the study results into three sections focused on the hot federal IT topics of IT modernization, cloud and software-defined data centers. This strategy created both a more cohesive storyline within each section and an opportunity to extend coverage for Dell Federal. Since non-federal results had already been released, Sage developed quick media alerts shared via Dell’s website and organic relationships, rather than distributing the news over the wire. Sage also extended the coverage via social media and articles posted on Dell’s blog properties. This campaign was complimentary and additional to ongoing media outreach for Dell Federal.


Sage secured more than 20 unique media placements as a result of the three-tiered approach to federal survey outreach spanning across priority federal trades, as well as channel and general IT outlets. By sharing survey findings in more distinct sections, the research lifespan spread across more than six months and resulted in cohesive, on-message storylines including both Harris and Chehreh.