S&R Foundation / Halcyon


S&R Foundation, whose mission is grounded in its support of talented artists and scientists involved in work for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, realized major growth and major success in all S&R programs in the last three years. When S&R launched, it had a handful of initiatives, and organically grew to having roughly eight programs, all with unique brands. As their agency of record, Sage noticed that all of the sub-brands underneath the S&R umbrella were confusing the public, diluting pitching efforts, and affecting long-term reputation and stakeholder engagement. 


S&R Foundation was finding it difficult to attract supporters and attendees to its broad array of programs and events, and had diluted the brand through positive organizational approach. 


Sage supported S&R Foundation's strategic planning with a full organizational rebrand. This effort involved working with focus groups, board members and staff to establish a new mission and vision. Sage conducted a messaging session and distilled the information into a six page messaging hierarchy, including strategic positioning and brand attributes. A brand guideline allowed essential stakeholders to feel confident in executing the voice of the organization. From there, Sage Communications gathered all of the sub-brands and unified them as programs under a singular brand, “Halcyon.” 

We then created a new logo, constructed a full website, refreshed all marketing materials, and developed an advertising plan, public relations plan and marketing plan. We installed social media platforms and conducted social media training with Halcyon’s “social media ambassadors.” We installed tracking measures like Facebook and Google analytics to amend plans in real time. We work with all vendors and Halcyon partners to ensure their communications are in line with the voice and approved brand of Halcyon. Sage continues to work with Halcyon in a fully integrated communications capacity.