Hughes is known around the world as a consumer broadband provider - the leader, in fact. For Hughes’ international and defense divisions, this reputation can sometimes be a burden. Externally, Hughes’ robust service offerings needed to be clarified in the marketplace to eliminate inaccurate perceptions. Internally, these two smaller business units aimed to invoke sales and marketing activities that would create visibility and leverage within the larger company.


In order to increase sales traction, Hughes Defense and Hughes International wanted their messages to permeate a distinct matrix of communications and defense sectors both in the United States and select global markets. As sales organizations, they wanted to leverage their outreach to generate more interest from prospects.

Our Strategic Approach

Through strategic message development for each unit, Sage implemented new (Defense) and renewed (International) social media programs on Twitter and LinkedIn with a strong emphasis on stakeholder engagement. Sage assessed each business unit’s content mix and suggested that they take a “dinner party” approach when creating content: equal parts give and take on social channels instead of only focusing on their accomplishments.


Through targeted outreach on Twitter to customers, prospects, media, etc., and through a combination of corporate and employee engagement on LinkedIn, each division is seeing an increase in engagement directly with their targeted stakeholders. Hughes is successfully demonstrating its enterprise-grade capabilities by aligning with key thought leadership topics in a meaningful way.