Intelsat General


Intelsat, the world’s largest satellite operator, stands at the crossroad of change. No longer do pure bandwidth sales suffice in a world of ubiquitous connectivity with all parts of the telecom spectrum fighting for their space. As Intelsat shapes its business objectives for today’s market, it is making use of all forms of communication to effectively reach its matrix of stakeholders.


Intelsat aims to delve into new markets, offer new services and align with new partners. Recognizing that traditional communications, like traditional business models, may only take their voice so far, Intelsat has become a satellite industry leader in social media. Intelsat hired Sage to take its social program to a new level, opening new channels of engagement and developing more targeted connections with key organizations and individuals.

Our Strategic Approach

Sage supported Intelsat social media development on three fronts: 1) developed a steady digest of strategic content for daily postings on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, 2) initiated a brand ambassador program enabling members of Intelsat’s sales and product groups to leverage their outreach into niche markets and geographic regions, and 3) narrated a live, high-profile satellite launch event complete with crisis communications planning and a myriad of rich-media assets.


Sage successfully helped Intelsat transform their social voice from a basic corporate monologue to a varied and compelling channel of engagement. By shifting their content mix, Intelsat is deliberately shaping its public persona to better reflect both its current business values and aspirational endeavors. The company has also inspired and supported members of its sales and marketing team to use their personal social media, for cultivating personal and corporate business relationships.