Leadership Greater Washington


Situation / Challenge

 Leadership Greater Washington (LGW) is the leading networking and cultivation organization for top area leaders, dedicated to bringing these influencers together to make positive community impact in the Washington Metropolitan region.

LGW had a myriad of great initiatives, but also had problems translating their work into clear, digestible language for targeted audiences. LGW approached Sage needing a fully integrated approach to communications.

Our Strategic Approach

First, Sage engaged board members, organizational heads and stakeholders in strategic messaging and branding sessions. From there, Sage began work on brand and logo redesign, website architecture, user experience and site redesign, copywriting, brand guideline documentation, and a public relations/outreach plan.

After establishing the baseline messaging, Sage was able to develop specific month-to-month plans targeting three major audiences. These plans included keeping class members active, re-engaging inactive members, and creating organizational initiative awareness through press outreach, social media trainings and marketing material creation.


From reorganizing sponsorship documentation/handouts, creating infographics that helped convey the “what we do” principles of LGW, and handling all event material creation, Sage ensured the right messages were reaching the right audiences in the most engaging way possible. Ongoing work involves advising and consulting, graphic design, website maintenance and advertising/PR recommendations.