SAP National Security Services

SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2) is an independent, US-based subsidiary of global software giant SAP. SAP NS2's mission is to support the US' national security community with cutting-edge ERP, situational awareness, and analytics technology solutions. In addition, SAP NS2 runs a non-profit charity called NS2 Serves which assists veterans in transition to civilian life — training veterans in use of SAP products and, upon graduation from the training program, placing them in high-paying jobs in major private and public sector organizations.

Given the low profile norm of companies in the intelligence community, SAP NS2 had little to no awareness outside the immediate industry or with the media. Their goal was to increase awareness and position themselves as the leading provider of national security technologies and services to the federal government.

After working with several different firms, SAP NS2 selected Sage to gain thought leadership in cyber security, cloud computing, and data analytics, as well as promote the work NS2 Serves does for veterans. 

Our Strategic Approach

Sage developed strategic messaging and outreach strategies to position NS2 senior executives as thought leaders in national security. Sage focused on expanding SAP NS2’s share of voice around priority messages supporting its business areas of cloud, big data, and machine learning. We capitalized on real-time events and relevant breaking news to develop media relationships, while getting extra mileage out of other SAP NS2’s marketing and business investments. 

On the digital front, Sage aligned social media to marketing and business development goals. Our integrated social media strategy included all stakeholder groups, and focused on establishing SAP NS2’s as an engaging, knowledgeable, and proactive organization. These efforts created a digital ecosystem that leveraged social sharing, blogs, and other features to drive organic search to web pages, as well as influence industry conversation. 


Sage garnered coverage for SAP NS2 executives around key issues and events. Our team secured 46 media placements in broadcast, print, and online outlets, including The Washington Post and CNBC Power Lunch. Sage also provided 19 media placements for NS2 Serves, including coverage on CBS This Morning and Fox and Friends.

Sage increased SAP NS2’s social media following across all platforms and accounts, reaching high-level national security industry influencers. In 2016, Sage increased CEO Mark Testoni’s Twitter following by 700+%; SAP NS2’s corporate Twitter handle by more than 200%; and SAP NS2’s corporate LinkedIn following by more than 300%.