SAP National Security Services

SAP National Security Services’ customers consist of the top intelligence-gathering agencies within the federal government. As with most organizations within the intelligence community, there is a natural proclivity to keep developments, activities and best practices secretive – which made it next to impossible to promote NS2’s work helping these agencies successfully track terrorists’ and other “bad guys’” movement through their digital activity. As this was the industry’s standard operating procedure, they had little to no awareness outside the immediate industry or with the media.

In order to overcome the media sensitivities and inability to discuss specific customers or service offerings, Sage needed a way to engage the media and promote the thought leaders and offerings at NS2 and position them as the leading provider of national security technologies and services within the federal government.

Our Strategic Approach

Sage saw an opportunity to utilize the overarching theme of national security and the global fight against terrorism to create a media campaign for NS2 to discuss its objectives, technological developments, capabilities and thought leadership, while avoiding all the normal pitfalls that halted these efforts in the past. This campaign, designated “Tracking the Terrorists Digital Trail,” focused on the over-arching capabilities of predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to analyze terrorist activities and discussed the similarities and trends from the perspective of the digital world.

By strategically discussing the ability, benefit and potential outcomes of tracking terrorists’ digital activity, we were able to insert NS2 into ongoing conversations and position leadership as thought leaders on an industry and national level. This novel strategic approach required finesse and in-depth relationship building with reporters to ensure our messaging and the parameters of our spokespeople’s ability to discuss certain issues relating to our national security and terrorism were understood. Through this campaign strategy, Sage was also able to overcome the client’s previous trepidation with speaking to the media and kick off a highly successful and productive media engagement that would position NS2 as one of the leading opinion makers and providers of national security services in the U.S.


As a result of our campaign, Sage secured 21 targeted media placements in national and trade publications and positioned NS2 as one of the only national security technology and service providers to go on the record discussing vital issues affecting our nation’s security. This campaign has helped position SAP NS2 CEO Mark Testoni as a top national security expert and raised awareness and knowledge levels on our country’s capabilities in fighting the War on Terror and, indirectly, NS2’s reputation as a major service provider in this effort.