Senior Vp Satellite Division

Catherine Melquist

Catherine Melquist is keenly focused on strategy. As Senior Vice President of Sage’s Satellite practice, she leads the strategic outreach direction for Sage’s satellite clients — aligning client objectives with market opportunities, and navigating the competitive field to deliver results. She uses her experience to position our clients to engage where it matters most: end-users, industry partners, financial supporters, government, and other decision makers. Catherine’s experience spans operators, service providers, and equipment manufacturers operating in the global commercial and government marketplace.  

Prior to joining Sage, Catherine led marketing strategy and market development teams for MTN Government, Airbus, Vizada, Telenor, Lockheed Martin, and COMSAT. In addition to participating in multiple industry groups, Catherine is President of the Mobile Satellite Users Association, a group of 30+ companies dedicated to promoting satellite mobility innovation and mobility market development.  

Catherine holds an MBA in International Marketing from American University, and continues to learn amazing new things about satellite and space-based business every day.