Amplifying Your Events with Social Media


As public relations professionals, we often leverage events as focal points for creating content, setting up interviews, raising awareness, etc. While traditional media relations is useful in amplifying an event, using social media can be extremely helpful in expanding your overall reach and success.

Events offer a unique opportunity for organizations to engage directly with attendees and members of their target audience. Regardless of the size of an event, public relations professionals should be leveraging social media to raise awareness for the event and directly engage with individuals or groups.

When it comes time to plan your next event, it's important to understand what social media platforms your audience uses. Here are some additional ways you can amplify your events through social media.

1.    Leverage hashtags to connect conversations

Hashtags have been a staple of social media since Twitter came into our lives in the late 2000s. Nowadays, nearly every social platform allows accounts to use hashtags.

When it comes to events, it has become common practice to create event hashtags. Event organizers can use these hashtags to monitor ongoing conversations that stem from the event and also as a way to connect with members of their target audience.

2.    Engage with internal social influencers

Does your organization have any employees or stakeholders that are influential on social media? If so, it is important to leverage their reach before, during and after events.

Your team can work with these influencers to develop content that is used to help them interact with event attendees. Your organization's most influential members can add value by personally communicating your key messages.

3.    Invite outside industry influencers

Extending invitations to outside industry influencers is a very effective way to expand your reach to potential audiences on social media. Some appropriate industry influencers can include members of partner organizations, customers, and neutral third party associations.

4.    Interact with event attendees

Designate a team leading up to, during and after the event that focuses on interacting with event attendees. This tactic is one of the most critical ways to amplify your event on social media. For example, if an attendee posts a picture from the event floor, then you have the opportunity to react to that post and further your engagement.

Events will always be a useful tool for PR professionals when it comes to reaching target audiences and increasing overall awareness. As you begin developing the strategy for your next event, find ways to integrate your media relations and social media plans for maximum return-on-investment. 

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