Impress the Press With Your Next Press Release


Press releases have been a staple tactic in the field of public relations since its founding. Even in today’s digital world, organizations of all shapes and sizes still use press releases as a primary form of external communication.

Nowadays, a press release alone isn’t that effective. However, when it’s combined with a larger, targeted campaign, a press release can provide power for organizations of all sizes.

One easy way to maximize the reach your press release will have is by amplifying it on social media. This doesn’t mean you just have to tweet out a link to your press release.

Get creative! Whether you turn your next release into a visual infographic or convert it into a blog post, the options for creating a press release are endless.

Back to basics: Craft with creativity

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a press release is the headline. If your headline isn’t strong enough to grab someone’s attention, then it doesn’t matter how great the rest of your content is.

Similarly, how you begin your release is key to keeping the reader’s attention. In your opening paragraph remember to include the who, what, where, when and why of your announcement.

Lastly, don’t be bland. Spice it up with quotes, relevant statistics and other factual backings that will add credibility to your writing.

Additional tips:

  • Provide access to more information (i.e. website)

  • Keep your release at two pages maximum

  • Don’t forget to add your contact information

Press releases are more than just tools for announcements that no one reads. When constructed and shared in the correct way, press releases can lead to sales and reap other benefits for your organization.

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X-SageJim McIntyre