Make the Most of Your Mobile Marketing

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Nearly 95 percent of Americans own a mobile device of some kind. As a society, we are spending more time connected than ever before and being able to completely “unplug” is nearly impossible.

For marketing and communications professionals, having a mobile-optimized presence is critical to the success of any campaign and overall business goals.

Make your website mobile-centric

Are you on Instagram? Then you’ve witnessed the power of a mobile-first approach firsthand. There are numerous ways to optimize your website for mobile viewers that range in complexity, pricing and availability.

Running the risk of using an outdated site can deter the 63 percent of people who are accessing the Internet via their mobile device.

Keep in sync with your social media

Linking to content on your website across social platforms can aid in driving mobile users to your site.

Using link generators can easily build out sharing links that are mobile-friendly and help drive those potential customers your way.

Additional tips:

·      Don’t be afraid to use geolocation services to target customers.

·      Remember that data is your friend and learning from visitors can help you better serve your customers.

·      Keep your site visually appealing, but not so image heavy that users can’t load it on their devices.

Mobile devices have significantly impacted the way our society lives and interacts. For companies, implementing a mobile strategy quickly and efficiently will have a positive impact on their bottom lines and coordinated marketing strategies.

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