What PR Pros Can Learn from The State of Journalism Study


Media outreach has changed so much that it can be tough to keep up. Muck Rack and Zeno surveyed 520 reporters on the current state of journalism. What do their findings say about the future of pitching? Here are three ways to improve your media outreach.

1.     Make your Pitches Shareable

According to this study, 41% of journalists think about the “shareability” of a story when deciding what to write about. When pitching, think about ways your content could be shared and by what audiences. If you can show the writer your content is relatable, you’re more likely to have a successful pitch.

With 63% of US journalists tracking how often their stories are shared on social media, there’s a need to emphasize the shareability of your content. Thinking about trending topics on social media and ways you can connect them to your topic will make your pitch stand out more.

2.     Reconsider a traditional press release

Although press releases have been a staple of public relations for years, 49% of journalists say they don’t rely on press releases for information. Instead of sending a press release, think of other ways you could present the content. Providing a brief summary instead of a formal press release could help the editor get to know your client better.

3.     Consider how data comes in play

Data isn’t just for STEM. 72% of journalists feel that data and analytics have impacted their jobs. Think about ways you can tie data into your pitch, specifically when it’s relevant to the journalist. Being able to get your content noticed isn’t just important for public relations, journalists feel that pressure too. Use data to your advantage.

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