Are You Quotable?


When your interviews aren’t leading to coverage, it might be time to examine your interview style.  

Interviews can be hard to come by, so making sure you nail them is crucial.  Whether you have an interview for your company’s social media content or with a journalist, it’s important to be memorable. Here are three ways to make sure your quotes are unforgettable.  

1.     Provide clear and concise answers

Write down your key points before. Use those points as reminders about the most important content to push in your interview. Each sentence should be an independent message that is easily digestible out of context. It’s better to provide more than the interviewer needs so that they can pick and choose your best quotes to publish.

2.     Inform, don’t sell

Be a source and an expert on the topic. Explain the issue or topic thoroughly and from various viewpoints without pushing your agenda. Think about ways to explain concepts without addressing your business goals specifically. By pushing concepts and not products, you have a better chance at being quotable.  

3.     Follow up

Lastly, don’t hesitate to send over additional facts and figures after the interview has wrapped to provide more context. If you have a moment to think and realize you want to add information or that you missed something, contact the interviewer. Oftentimes this extra content can provide better quotes without the nerves of an interview.

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