#SMDay2019: Social Media’s Impact on PR & Marketing


Social media has drastically changed the way PR and marketing professionals operate. With websites such as Facebook establishing a daily active user base of over 1.5 billion people, the reach that social media gives the PR is the largest in history. Now, while there are dozens of ways in which social media has impacted PR, three stand above the rest:


Social media has allowed companies to establish their brand better than ever before. Companies are now able to project the image they wish to impress upon the world instantly through posting carefully curated content.  Additionally, social networking sites such as Twitter allow companies to directly engage with their consumers and establish a level of authenticity as well as and personality (we’ve all seen by now the now famous Wendy’s twitter account which actively “roasts” people). This type of engagement can lead to increased brand loyalty. 


The more content that is posted, the more tags appear that concern the company or the specific area that you’re honing. Therefore, through the use of key words and relevant posting, social media allows you to bolster your companies presence in search engines, increasing exposure. 

Citizen Journalists

 Now anyone can post links to their blogs or upload photos and videos that are instantly seen by thousands. While the job done by trained journalists is still essential, the rise of citizen journalists allows for coverage of events and news that could not be captured by the media. And when these events and campaigns are covered and shared by established outlets, it can increase the perception of organic coverage amongst users. 

As a communications professional, it’s vital to always remember some key principles when it comes to social media use. That’s why we’ve gathered some expert advice from a few #PRPros and #MarketingPros right here in the Sage office. When it comes to social media, some classic practices are timeless!

Duyen Truong, VP, PR

My rule of thumb for social media is quality over quantity. For social content to be most effective, it needs to add value. The key is to engage with high-quality content that informs, entertains, enlightens, or whatever purpose, but it's intentional and strategic.

Veronica Hohenstein, Government Marketing Manager, Virtual Marketing

I think it’s important to choose the best social media channels for your business. Not every business needs to utilize every social network. Choose the platforms that align most closely with your goals and that will positively influence your ideal customers.

Erin Bigley, Account Manager

In an era where content is rapidly produced and constantly placed in front of the public, you need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. Short videos or infographics go a long way in catching someone's attention — but you can’t stop there, as more and more people are doing this. The content needs to be relevant to your target audiences. You also need to include A/B testing in your approach, relying on data (such as click through rates) to determine which message, or graphic better resonates. Remember, it’s ok to switch things up mid-campaign if you aren’t meeting your initial goals. Stay agile and follow the data/analytics. 

Tommy Morgan, Account Manager, PR

Managing effective social media campaigns boils down to one factor: engagement. Whether it is an organization’s or an individual’s social platform, failure to engage with others online is a sure fire way to ensure that your content is not seen or heard.

Lauren Horn, Account Manager, PR

When drafting posts for clients, read between the lines and provide insight about the topic in question so that it is not a regurgitation of an article… take it beyond surface level.

Christine Flannery, Government Marketing Manager, Virtual Marketing

My golden rule is asking yourself “Who cares?”. People pay attention to the things they care about, so it’s important to make sure you really know your target audience and what motivates them. If you ask yourself, “Who cares?” and if the answer isn’t the type of person you’re trying to reach, you need to rethink the message.

Stephanie Trager, Senior Account Executive 

Have fun and be unique with your content. Creative conversations go a long way and always increase engagement. 

Mike Atkinson, Senior Account Executive, PR

My golden rule for organizations on social media is to do everything with a purpose. If you’re posting something, you should be doing it with a particular outcome in mind. Taking to social media without a plan is like deciding to take a road trip without putting gas in the car — you might make some quick progress, but you won’t get very far in the end.


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