Employing Influencer Marketing for B2B Industries


The world has become an increasingly digital place and brands are in constant competition to execute the most effective and engaging social media strategy. There are many tactics to connect consumers to their favorite brands, but marketing for B2B industries requires a different strategy. For companies promoting business-to-business services, future success and growth depend on methods and messaging that shatter stereotypes, gain attention, and prove capability in a highly-competitive market.

Influencer marketing has gained traction in the B2C market, but this technique can be a useful and innovative way for B2B companies to engage prospective customers. 

Here are 4 tips to integrate an influencer marketing campaign into your B2B strategy. 

1.     Build the Right Story: Ensure that you are fully prepared for brand storytelling before approaching a third-party. This can be done by solidifying the company’s values and ensuring your messaging is coherent and consistent.

2.     Find the Correct Influencers: Influencer marketing should be treated like any investment. Perform necessary research and use social media, industry events and niche publications to identify who your target audience is following and listening to.

3.     Add Value through Engagement: Just as you would expect an influencer to engage and be interested in your company, you must take time to build a relationship and show authentic interest in an influencer’s role. It’s a two-way street, ensure that you are engaging with influencers on social media and encouraging others to engage with their content to build rapport.

4.     Cultivate a Sharing Culture: When used correctly, influencer marketing can be both a useful tool to expand their reach and another way for an influencer to increase user engagement. Once an influencer relationship has been established, ensure that your company’s stakeholders are sharing the content created around the influencer’s activity.

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