Prioritizing Employee Wellness in the PR Industry


Goat yoga, oat milk, and #selfcare—as our generation places increasing importance on wellness, health trends are dominating our social media and news feeds. Health and wellness are also becoming more prevalent in the workplace. According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans 2018 Workplace Wellness Trends Report, 63% of organizations offering a wellness program noticed a positive impact on employee engagement and culture.  To make wellness activities more accessible, many companies are now offering a variety of programming to both demonstrate that they care about their employees, decrease burnout and support retention. 

Sage Communications supports the health and wellness of our team through a dynamic wellness program lead by PR Account Manager Lauren Horn.

The program was founded on three wellness pillars: mental/emotional health, physical health, and financial health, and offers a variety of opportunities for staff to strengthen these personal pillars. From financial planning seminars to an in-office gardening day designed to help connect colleagues to the earth and each other, and flexitarian potlucks aimed at creating a cohesive family-style atmosphere, Lauren designs unique activities with each Sager in mind. “Wellness is one of my favorite activities,” says Horn. “I am always looking for new things to try, eat and apply. I hope to introduce my colleagues to new approaches to wellness.” 

Learn more about the Sage Wellness initiative:

What inspired you to create Sage Wellness? Was there anything specifically you saw or encountered in the office that led you to think that this was needed?   

The Wellness Program was more about adding to the Sage culture. So many people at Sage were already involved in physical or wellness activities, enjoyed cooking or had a meditation practice. I saw an opportunity to package it in a way where we could practice wellness together and provide opportunities to enhance and expand our wellness experiences. 

What is the biggest challenge to employee well-being today?  

I am not an MD, but inactivity and too much screen time can negatively impact the physical body and the mind. 

How do you invest in your personal wellness professionally? Physically? Mentally?  

Wellness is one of my favorite activities and I am always finding new things to try, eat or apply. I exercise frequently whether it is at the gym, at a yoga class, walking around my block or meditating in my home. The body is meant to move so I make plenty of time to do that. I also find other ways to take care of my skin and muscles that do not require a gym membership or much movement at all (look into dry brushing). We can chat more if you’re interested. Mentally, I make sure to take a break from tech and give thanks for what I have. 

What is a goal for the Sage Wellness program that you have?

The goal is to introduce colleagues to wellness ideas and methods that they may not be exposed to otherwise. Health and wellness are not one-size-fits-all. We all have different desires, challenges and body types. The program is meant to be informative and relatively easy. We live in a fast-paced world and the options we provide are simple, effective, and hopefully, enjoyable ways to improve wellbeing.

I hope the program will make an impact on everyone’s individual wellness path, whether they are a certified yogi or just getting started in a wellness routine.

Here are some additional wellness tips to live healthier in the workplace:

  • Stay On the Move: Take the stairs, take frequent stretch breaks, or arrange a walking meeting to promote a more active lifestyle.   

  • Ditch the Junk: Ensure there are healthy options in everything from snack offerings to engagement events.  

  • Take Care of Your Eyes: Every 20-minutes find a focal point 20-feet away and concentrate on it for 20-seconds. This exercises eye muscles and reduces eye strain (20-20-20 rule). 

  • Find a Community: Create a supportive network by inviting others to take part in health initiatives. 

Companies across all industries are taking notice of the need for health initiatives and wellness programs in order to minimize stress and boost morale in the workplace. While they may not solve all health issues, they do represent a step towards a healthier and happier workforce.   

X-SageChelsea Bendelow