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Government Agency Practice

Sage helps agencies achieve their missions by designing strategic communications campaigns that deliver trackable results.

Starting with OMB-approved research techniques, we establish messaging and then recommend a strategic plan. With client approval, we go to market with a mix of tools and tactics: graphic design, public service announcements, digital ads, grassroots marketing, NGO partnerships, media training, content development, website maintenance, and more. And, we have all of these disciplines in house, but we also frequently and happily collaborate with our client’s team members and their other vendors to quickly get projects done.

Sage is currently helping government agencies:

  • Promote public awareness, public safety, and public service programs

  • Educate citizens (of every age)

  • Recruit qualified employees to government service

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Government Agency Expertise

Government Agency Clients



Contract GS-07F-0274U
Sage has held GSA contracts for over a decade. We make procurement super easy across each of these SINs.

  • SIN 541-1 Advertising Services

  • SIN 541-2 Public Relations Services

  • SIN 541-3 Web Marketing Services

  • SIN 541-4 A Market Research and Analysis

  • SIN 541-4 C Exhibit Design and Implementation Services

  • SIN 541-4 E Commercial Photography Services

  • SIN 541-4 F Commercial Art and Graphic Design

  • SIN 541-5 Integrated Marketing Services

  • SIN 541-1000 Other Direct Costs (ODCs)

Sage qualifies as small business for federal, state and local contracts.


Government Practice Leader

Susan Milich

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