WEBINAR: How PR Is Set to Change in 2018 – And How You Can Capitalize


Recently, Brian Kelley, Sage’s vice president of PR and employee engagement, joined Landis Communication’s David Landis and Shift Communication’s Christopher Penn as a PR Trend-Spotter on Agility PR Solution’s webinar, How PR Is Set to Change in 2018 – and How You Can Capitalize Webinar.

Brian touched on the following topics:

  • Marketing Communication Integration Advancement
  • Creating an Overarching Integrated Strategy
  • Utilizing Influencer Marketing
  • Choosing Platforms to Meet Client Objectives
  • Maintaining a Learning State of Mind
  • Generating a Culture of Inclusion

Learn more about these topics and other tips on how to thrive in the communications industry in 2018:

This content originally appeared on Agility PR. You can view it here.

X-SageJim McIntyre