Accounts in Transit

Sage Communications has picked up HyTrustNuxeoPopulation Association of AmericaScienceLogic and ThirdEye Gen Inc. to its client roster. HyTrust is an automated cloud infrastructure security solution for the public and private sector. For HyTrust, Sage will develop PR messaging and marketing materials for ongoing media and social outreach as well as help inform high-level marketing strategy. Global software company Nuxeo provides a content management platform for business applications. The company is working with Sage to help raise awareness and establish a robust industry presence within the public sector. Population Association of America is a nonprofit, scientific, professional organization that supports the scientific study of the human population. ScienceLogic, a leader in AIOps, provides modern IT operations with actionable insights. Sage will serve as agency of record for ScienceLogic, providing PR and social strategy and support to drive market visibility and thought leadership. ThirdEye Gen Inc. develops augmented reality smart glasses for commercial and consumer verticals. Sage will conduct conducting ongoing media relations and trade show support for the company

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Tommy Morgan