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Satellite Services practice

Rapidly evolving technology, coupled with mergers and acquisitions, is changing space-based market dynamics at an accelerating pace. While infrastructure and capital positions dominated industry dialogue for decades, new technologies and business models are disrupting the marketplace.

Sage can help you develop messaging and outreach programs that cut through this noise. As a strategic extension of your communications team, our satellite and aerospace practice includes marketers, media and digital professionals with decades of experience in global commercial and government space-based businesses. Members of our team hold leadership positions in space industry groups, and have long-standing relationships with conference organizers and reporters. Our goal is to help clients see the entire field, to find the most effective competitive position and align your marketing efforts with organizational and project objectives.

We do this through:

  • Digital outreach for awareness, engagement, sales and recruitment
  • Event creation and management
  • Print and digital advertising  
  • Market research, development, and technology roadmapping 
  • Branding and messaging
  • Corporate, product, and channel marketing programs
  • Public and media relations

Virtual Marketing Support

For start-ups, forward vision and agile marketing strategies are needed to get market launched and keep ahead of the curve. To help make sure you hit your desired launch window, Sage can shape-shift our talent pool to meet your needs. Our Virtual Marketing Team (VMT) approach is a smart and economical alternative to building and managing an in-house marketing team. It's an ideal match for emerging and established businesses looking to augment their capabilities and strategic breadth at just the right scale and time.