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You’re a successful organization with a proud record, committed staff, engaged members, and generous donors. But market changes may have expanded your mission — or stymied your growth. Is your current brand ready to lead your organization forward?

Sage helps member-driven associations, trade groups, consortia, standards bodies, and advocates transcend the brand issues that come with change. As strategic specialists, we work with your leadership, staff, members, donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders to identify your organization’s place in the world, chart a course to the brand you want to have and the role you want to hold, and then seamlessly support your progress along that path.

We collaborate with your consulting partners throughout our discovery, planning, development, and implementation process to make sure our brand platform fully reflects the character of your brand. We also carefully plan our outreach strategy, so it’ll support each major stakeholder and the entire relationship lifecycle.

Whether your goal is to reinvent your visual identity and brand message, reposition a major event, create new donor value, or find fresh ways to engage members and allies, Sage has the focused branding talent, industry exposure, and technical fluency you need. We use our background in more than a dozen industries to bring fresh ideas and unexpected solutions to familiar challenges.

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