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Brand and Identity

You're charged with building and maintaining a high-value brand identity. One with the power to endure — for your organization, programs, offerings, or partnerships. That means: 

  • Finding a brand position that's right for your future direction, and credible within your organizational culture.

  • Mapping a sensible path to that new position — one that will win buy-in across your organization and the external relationships that matter.

  • Protecting your new position from erosion or neglect.

  • Knowing (and measuring) how your brand is actually perceived — by customers, employees, partners, and communities.

Sage understands what it takes to get there. Our strategic leads can conduct a thorough outside-in and inside-out audit that uncovers the true factors driving your brand’s potential, reveals how stakeholders view your brand, and shows how you stack up against competitors and near-competitors. We deliver a comprehensive report that details the goals and attributes for your newly enhanced brand.

Our tactical teams then work with you to develop compelling messaging around that brand; evolve or replace your identity assets like logos and brand standards; develop a sustainable and responsible migration path across all your physical, in-market, and intellectual assets; ensure brand alignment across all your institutional levels and silos; and guide an internal launch that will garner enthusiastic employee adoption.    

Finally, our strategic leads conduct periodic brand health-checks to make sure you're making your intended brand progress, addressing lessons learned, and adjusting to external impacts. 

Relevant Capabilities

Research  |  Strategy and planning  |  Design services  |  Content management  |  Talent communications