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CMOs, CROs, and their teams probably spend more time on the funnel than on any other activity. But the funnel represents just one highly-visible part of your entire demand cycle. Getting market attention, winning consideration, escalating to decision-makers, and increasing close rates actually depends on a variety of factors that long precede the arrival of a lead — and help keep the funnel healthy.

Sage is adept at actively managing the entire demand cycle. Our strategic leads work with you to develop a comprehensive demand plan that includes:

  • Media, appeal and timing strategies.
  • Messaging and communications assets that anticipate your stakeholders' information needs at each point on their journey.
  • Marketing automation tools that give you a holistic view of demand, and allow you to tune promotional strategies based on real-world results.

Our tactical teams can execute every element of those strategies, including:

  • Creative production and physical asset distribution.
  • Sales training, support, and incentive programs.
  • In-field and online engagement with stakeholders, from industry events and technology demonstrations to invitation-only symposia and roundtables.
  • Customizable channel partner programs.  

Relevant Capabilities

Research  |  Strategy and planning  |  Media buying  |  Media and analyst relations  |  Social media  |  Events and experiential  |  Design services  |  Content management  |  Advertising  |  Collateral and sales support  |  Direct marketing  |  Websites  |  Mobile and apps  |  Rich media