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Sage Communications had the pleasure of refreshing LGW’s website — both in content and design. LGW recently went through a brand message modernization — updating their core objectives, messages, and overall positioning. Sage integrated these new key elements into the content architecture of the site, improved and tightened up the overall user experience, modernized the design (while continuing to use the same logo and brand colors) and added more of an overall story about the organization. This site now highlights the most important aspect of LGW: the Impact on the region, as well as on its members both personally and professionally. LGW brings together great minds for a greater purpose and the site now showcases these meaningful connections in a dynamic way.

Sage is also in the process of developing a new feature for the website: a member-only website portal. This aspect of the site will further enrich the LGW experience by allowing members to connect with other members in new ways. Members will be able to post opportunities such as board openings or job listings. There will also be a full directory that is both searchable and filterable, making it easy to find classmates and make new connections. LGW members will be able to explore all it has to offer in the near future.

Sage is proud to support Leadership Greater Washington and other organizations that positively impact our community.

About Sage Communications

Sage is the region’s largest independent communications consultancy dedicated to driving the engagement that influences DC — America’s capital of ideas.

Sage has the ability and vision to see, organize, and act on a complete picture of our clients’ market positions — in partnership with every kind of specialist, using every kind of engagement, under a single strategy.

Sage achieves these outcomes by focusing on relationships. We work with clients to gain a nuanced view of their world. We use this insight to develop perspectives that add value. We bring these perspectives to the world with respect. We earn stakeholder loyalty by making meaningful commitments to discussion. We leverage this commitment into things our clients value. And we do this for clients whose missions affect social capital the most.

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